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              Thanksgiving and shared development - the 25th anniversary celebration of Wade new material and 2017 annual summary and commendation conference were grandly held

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              On the morning of February 3, the 25th anniversary celebration of Wade Xincai and 2017 annual summary and commendation conference were grandly held in Wugu Fengdeng Hotel, Handan, Hebei. The theme of this meeting is "gratitude and shared development". Nearly 300 people, including Xie Fuqiang, chairman of the group, Chang Jinxiu, general manager, middle and senior leading cadres, employee representatives of Wuhan factory, Handan factory and Anhui factory, and friends from all walks of life, gathered together to share the joy of harvest and meet new challenges.

              The summary and commendation meeting kicked off with the lively opening dance "a good start". Xie Fuqiang, chairman of the group, delivered a keynote speech with the theme of gratitude and shared development. In his speech, he reviewed the development history of Wade Xincai in the past 25 years and said that "wade Xincai has been grateful for the great era of reform and opening up; It is 25 years of following, practicing and witnessing the opening-up and reform; It has been 25 years of hard work and persistent progress adhering to the development concept of "pragmatism, truth-seeking, innovation and change"; It has been 25 years of developing craftsman spirit, concentration and professional growth; It has been 25 years for Wade's new talents to work together, overcome difficulties and grow tenaciously. Along the way, we thank all local governments at all levels, our customers, suppliers, channels and partners who care, support and help us on the growth path of Wade new materials. Here, I would like to thank you especially for the great help of your dedicated employees, which has led to the successful development of Wade new materials. "

              ◎ Speech by Xie Fuqiang, chairman of Wade Xincai

              The conference commended outstanding employees, teams and other individuals and groups in 2017:
              Advanced employee Award

               25 year meritorious employee Award

              The factory departments of the conference showed their team style, showing the vitality and vitality of Wade's new material team:

              The factories and departments of Wade new material, as well as the guest teachers who came to help the fun, brought wonderful literary and artistic performances. The following Xiaobian will take you to enjoy the wonderful moments of the celebration:

               Group finance department dance "a good start"

              Wuhan finance department dance "powerful China"

              Company child star piano solo "Wahaha"

              Three and a half sentences of wadzan in workshop 1 of Handan factory

              Moonlight in lotus pond by Hulusi of Wuhan company

              The opening year of the Sixth Five-Year Plan of Wade new material is also a new year when Wade new material is full of vision and set sail. In the new year, all colleagues of Wade new material will shake their spirits, work hard again, never forget their original intention, forge ahead, "roll up their sleeves and cheer up", strive to realize the great dream of Wade new material of "Waguan China and virtuous world", and realize the dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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